Thursday, 25 March 2010


So I decided to join in with The Gallery, the ace idea created by Sticky Fingers.

You take a photo relating to the weekly topic and then you blog about it.

This week the theme was 'Me'.

Instead of taking a picture of myself, I felt that I'm currently defined by what is in my handbag.

I bought my bag on my honeymoon in Italy. We were in Florence and I purchased it along with two other lovely leather bags at a market. I haggled it down to a reasonable price and my tan friend has been at my side at various intervals ever since.

It's really battered now, and the inside zip has recently gone, and a pen leaked leaving a black stain at the back, but whilst I'm off work, it's my bag du jour and I still love it.

As you can see, it's rather Tardis-like and can hold a whacking great load of must-have things.

These are:

Pink diary, untouched, because I keep everything in my head. Fool!
Two plasters, one kiddie one, the other is plain.
Giant purse that holds one percent cash, ninety nine percent crap,
Glasses case,
The glasses from Mr Potato Head,
Pocket tissues for a snotty nose (mine, not theirs, that's what sleeves are for right?),
Lip gloss,
White chocolate buttons,
Satsuma (to ofset the chocolate natch),
A marshmallow from Monday,
Mismatching hair clips,
Oyster card,
Three pens,
A button that fell off my coat last week,
A letter.

That's it.

Yup, that's me right there, ready for any eventuality.

Tantrum? Whip out the buttons. Feeling virtuous - eat the satsuma. Looking ropey - slick on some lip gloss. Minxy's hair dramas - pin back with the clips, pens for jotting, plasters for grazes and the phone for pretty much everything else.

The days of keys, purse, mobile are a distant memory. But one day, just one day...


  1. I did wonder what the teeny yellow glasses were for! I have a battered tan bag that I love too, but mine has a big stain on the bottom where some mozzarella leaked (my own stupid fault for carrying cheese in a handbag!)

  2. Great picture, I have nominated you for an award over at mine x

  3. You are so brave showing the contents of your bag (which is gorgeous by the way), mine bag is an utter disgrace,full of rubbish, in fact you have inspired me to go and clean it out! Great post.

  4. How funny - I also always have white chocolate buttons in my bag for a nice little energy fix! Am truly envious of your bag - I still use the free Bookstart one...

  5. Florence is wonderful for bag shopping, I'm guessing white chocolate buttons are less staining than milk chocolate?

  6. The white buttons are for Minxy. I'm more of Green & Blacks girl!

  7. Your post has been making me laugh all day! Very brave of you to show the world the inner workings of your life, and allow us to realise "Its not just me, Hurrah!" Nice one. thanks for stoping by my blog. Its great to know people are out there reading it, not just my mum! N x

  8. You are a braver woman than me....there is no way that I would show the contents of my handbag to anyone.....mainly because it's completely full of crap!!!!

  9. Hello and welcome! Gorgeous gorgeous bag and I love that there is a story behind it.
    Funnily enough my husband and I were in Florence for our best friends' wedding 10 years ago and bought a leather travel bag which is all battered and 'lived in' but wouldn't renew it for the world. It's go so many stories to tell!

  10. Never been on anyones blog before , and to be honest until I saw this I was happily ignorant to the whole thing , but your blog is funny , honest inspiring and real , love it !!
    Congrats on a fab blog ...your old friend Charlotte x

  11. nice & compact but with all the essentials

  12. What a nice bag! Do you think they still have some in Florence?!