Monday, 15 March 2010

Green guilt

How green are you?

Come on, ask yourself.

I try my best, but I've already cluttered up the planet by having all these kids.

We recycle our papers, plastic and garden waste. I'd love to recycle myself and come back as some kind of domestic goddess.

I'm happy to buy things second hand and fully utilise charity shops, eBay, Gumtree and Freecycle.

Upcycling isn't a new class at the gym, it's the buzz word for tarting up old furniture or giving a household object a new lease of life. I'm all for that and it appeals to my crafty leanings.

However, I'm not ready to knit my own knickers just yet.

Composting isn't my strength, but we try. Sadly I don't have green fingers and kill plants just by looking at them.

In fact, the cress that The Peaceful One brought home from his pre-school last week has copped it on the window sill. If you can't grow cress, frankly, there's no hope is there?

I buy organic, but I don't buy everything organic. Sorry, but the point of organic ketchup is what exactly?

Anyway, I'm yet to be totally convinced by the organic argument, but in an effort to avoid being shot by the green mafia, I buy what we can afford.

The nappies we use aren't biodegradable. We used to buy Nature's Boy and Girl for Minxy, but by the time the others came along, we'd just get any brand going.

I actually did try washable nappies. It wasn't hard, I was just lazy and you need to be fully committed to the cause. So the beautiful bundle of fluffy pants went back on eBay from whence they came.

We're getting better at walking. I really love walking, just don't do it enough and find myself in the car zooming about way too much. When the weather gets better, I'll be taking advantage of my feet (now that I can finally see them) to get from A to B.

Living more sustainably is definitely appealing if not needed to safeguard the planet.

In an alternative life (no pun intended) I'd be in my Haf haus, living the good life.


  1. hi there - thanks for the follow! :0 - yes, I do what I can and I do all my art work with as many recycled materials as I possibly can. I now have a bag in the house that collects all 'wasted papers' that come into my house in the form of letters and envelopes etc, ready to recycle into artists books and notebooks - am in the process of doing one for my give-away. Behind a bit!


  2. i don't buy organic - i can't afford it, quite simply. I do have re-usable shopping bags and have been know to upcycle old material but I do what little i can do easily and what I can afford. It's hard isn't it?

  3. HAHAHA. I am much better in keeping the planet tidy, I just had one baby ;)
    I was a frantic recycler but got a bit disillusioned after the BBC revealed how our recycling ends up in landfills in India. As for organic - I am trying to buy most of our veg and fruit from the farmers' market. At least it's local.