Thursday, 18 March 2010

Blog off haters!

There's a big old hoo-ha about mummy bloggers at the moment.

Well, there is over the pond.

Our US counterparts are still reeling from the New York Times article about mums who blog and how it's now a major industry and not just a bit of fun.

There's been a few insecurities in Blighty with people worried about the number of comments their blogs are getting, the quality of their posts, and even questioning why they started blogging at all.

I actually started a blog five years ago charting the perils of being a first time mum, it was a bit of a laugh and gave me some much-needed creativity away from Minxy. I gave it up after a few months when life got too hectic and baby number two came along.

Now I've dipped my toe back into the water and woah how the landscape has changed.

Blogging conferences, advertising, reviews, competitions, people getting book deals from their blogs, and the power of social media has meant that everybody has upped their game.

You're not allowed to ramble on about your cruddy day with the baby, you've got to be witty, insightful, thought-provoking.

And you have to have a niche. You're a mum to sextuplets, living in outer Mongolia, running an online business.

Or do you?

Gosh, what a pressure.

I say 'boo' to the haters out there. What's wrong with reaching out to a virtual community of like-minded parents? Or making a living out of it if you can?

Goodness knows raising a family can be a hard slog and it's refreshing to ride the rollercoaster with other people.

So don't feel down hearted if you're having a bad blogging day, week, month it happens to us all.

Just be safe in the knowledge that you are not alone.


  1. hear hear! I do this as a stress busting exercise and it's just a bonus if someone else enjoys it ;-)

  2. Very well said. Let's all just carry on blogging because we enjoy it and worry less about all the other aspects of blogging. My favourite part is the virtual friends I've made. I think we all wobble at times, but then we just need to carry on.

  3. Hear hear from me too - my blog is a fab way to get my thoughts and feelings down. Having people read it is an added bonus.

  4. Completely agree, I have just tweeted to thank everyone for my best day ever, not just on hits but with comments - not because I want to have loads of followers etc, but because it means so much that people seem to be enjoying reading my posts as much as enjoy writing them. And thats that - thats why I do it, but even still I get what you mean, I do worry about my posts not being what people want but I set out to write this for me and for people to share a piece of me so why should I worry!!

  5. This post could have been written about me! I've been blogging since 2003, before my son was even a twinkle in his father's eye, and it has changed SO much since then. I *do* get worried (as you know from Twitter the other day!) as to why my comments seem to get fewer and it makes me worry that nobody likes what I write but it shouldn't be about that at all. I've always said blogging to me is free therapy!

  6. What do you mean, a niche? I thought being a mum was niche enough? ;-)