Saturday, 6 March 2010

Round and around we go

You've got to be honest.

Sometimes, you get to the weekend and you're all out of puff.

Life can be one long roundabout and now again you just want to jump off.

Everybody likes to give you their tuppence worth about the joys of parenting:

"Enjoy these years, they go so quickly."

"It's tough now, but it's just a phase."

"You'll look back and wonder where time went."

What nobody says is how boring it can be. Come on, be truthful. It can be just a wee bit, um, dull.

The same faces and places, the 'What shall we have for tea?', the 'Will I ever stop feeling tired?', the routine schmoutine.

I sometimes go into autopilot forgetting to revel in the moment, and remember that this is their childhood we're living.

The act of getting up, doing the school run, doing the shopping, picking the kids up, having tea, doing bath and bedtime, can be more enduring than enjoying.

Now again, my mind wanders into fast forward mode, when I assume things will be 'exciting' but the reality is that you have to make it happen.

So right now imagination is the key, I'm trying to make life a little bit more interesting for all involved.

It's less Cbeebies (eek) and more papier mache, more baking (if all else fails make a cake) and less, well less of the mundane.

Here's to more fun times ahead.

For them and for me.


  1. As hard as it is sometimes, we have a no TV rule in the mornings before school. It means the kids can concentrate on having breakfast, finishing homework, getting organised, etc. They read, draw, role play with the dolls house, glue and stick and generally just have fun without sitting in front of the box. After school they get about an hour of telly once homework is done and anything else they need to sort out is done. If kids are not falling over tired we try and make it to the park about 3 times a week after school so I get to chat to the other mums and the kids get to let off steam.

    We made pancakes together this morning, absolute carnage! Hubby cleaning kitchen, kids resting with full tummies. Get them to make their own bread shapes for lunch often on the weekend too. It is hard not to get caught up in the daily grind and children's mood swings (and ours). Well done for reminding us to get out of the routine and savour things more and do different stuff occasionally. And you're right - if all else fails bake cakes!

    Inspiring stuff for a Saturday morning. Good on ya!

  2. I do a fair bit of activites with them, and try not to have the TV on too
    much, but sometimes you get bogged down with the groundhog's day element and need to inject a bit of fun into the routine.

    Liking your day. We love pancakes!

  3. oh yes, it really is dull dull dull at times. and the days when it is are the ones that you want to get creative the least.