Sunday, 21 March 2010

Party politics

So the General Election is looming.

And the three main political parties are trying their best to persuade us to vote for them.

I don't know about you but I smell a rat amongst all of them, and sorry but The Guardian's piece on 'the new look Tories' did nothing to change that.

Right now the politics that I deal with are on a more local level. They involve the invites to birthday parties.

On the whole Minxy gets an invite, we check the calendar, she either goes or doesn't go.

Occasionally, there's the 'So and so had a party and I wasn't invited' drama. It's a tough life lesson to explain to a five year old that you're not always included in somebody else's fun.

It seems that kids parties are just not parties any more, they're events.

Whatever happened to the time honoured tradition of going around someone's house for jelly and ice cream, pass the parcel, and leaving with a slice of cake and a sugary smile?

Now it's all entertainers, fancy restaurants (well Pizza Express), party bags filled with plastic tat, and expectations higher than reasonable.

By the time Minxy's birthday rolls around, she's seen every type of party going and the pressure is on to deliver.

This year we've had requests for Build A Bear, cinema and pizza night, a swimming pool party, and a sleepover. I'm not hearing jelly and ice cream amongst that list.

Her Godmother who is a super mum to four children, has an excellent view of parties. She says:

No parents
No siblings
Out with cucumber and carrot batons and in with party rings and chocolate fingers.
Produce sweets if anyone starts crying or having a tantrum.
Keep a bag of cheap pressies to dip into if things start to get boring.

Pretty sensible rules I think you'll find.

I'll be following them closely if I can get away with a home party this year.

What are your views on kids party?


  1. We had a party yesterday for our middle daughter. Held it at ours and the 7 girls at her party made and decorated cupcakes and biscuits with buttercream, piped icing and sugarpaste decorations. They had a blast. The house looked like an explosion in a bakery but it was a simple, no fuss, low cost party. While the cupcakes and biscuits were baking the girls played party games and decorated boxes to take their creations home in. A great day was had by all.

    My kids have been invited to some real extravaganzas that must have cost a fortune and sometimes the kids had fun, sometimes not. More about the competitive parents than the kids. Although depends how willing the parents are to indulge and pay for their cherubs every whim. I so agree with the Mum of 4. Keep it simple and sensible.

  2. We mostly have partied at home and I mean the traditional kind!!! These days I think kids actually enjoy the traditional kind since most of the parties they go to is like you said, events! I'm all for the jelly & ice cream, kit kats and jaffa cakes, chicken nuggets and burnt chips!!! Let kids be kids!!!