Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Stars in my eyes

I'm a Gemini.

I know what you're thinking, and no I'm not two-faced thank you very much.

I'm double the fun, or at least that's how I like to think I am.

Does my star sign make a difference to how I raise my brood? I'd like to say 'no' but have a sneaking suspicion it creeps in at every turn.

Decisions are not my strong point. The simplest thing can turn into a drama in my mind.

Shopping is a 'mare. 'Shall I get a Twix or a KitKat?' 'Twix, KitKat, Twix, KitKat, argh!'

Apparently I make for a 'lively, adaptable, sensible and positive parent who is able to present your children with a constant stream of new ideas and experiences.'

That's true. It's a never ending round of activities in our house as I can't bear the boredom.

'Ok, children we're going to do painting, then baking, followed by junk modelling.'

It's either that or: "We're going to the park. No grandma's. Hold on, let me see if anyone else is around, that's it we're staying in."

The Boy puts up with a LOT to say the least, and frankly I blame everything on my star sign. He said I should illustrate this post with a crazy lady, I plumped for elephants instead.

He's an Aries and he definitely adds fire to my air.

Although I read horoscopes with a healthy pinch of salt, there could be some truth in the character traits.

My mummy mates who are Capricorns are organised within an inch of their lives, the Librans are free-spirited and go with the flow, the Aquarians are practical, and the Sagittarians are adventurous.

Regarding Gemini's, I also read that 'constant childish chatter and repetitive noise can irritate you, and you will need frequent breaks, especially if you are stuck at home.'

Hmm, bit late for that then.


  1. I'm a gemini too and hubby is an Aries. He is disorganised and messy and I am the complete opposite. I also have read hair which does not help as I can nut off occasionally but it is a slow fuse not a quick fire, and definitely not in front of the children - usually a whispered hiss converstaion in the kitchen after kids are asleep.

    I tend to dither a bit but once my mind is made up there is no shifting it. Repetitive nosie does drive me mad, I do try and get frequent breaks, work 2 shifts a week (sometimes more should the staff bank call).

    I think there is definitely some truth to the character traits. Something to think about whilst doing yet more baking and sorting out documents for a meeting later.

  2. Both my brother and daughter are Gemini's. Extremely quick witted and good communicators. I sometimes think my daughter, who is near the cusp of Gemini, has a lot of the traits of Cancer too. As for me I'm Pisces creative and basically live on another planet, whilst my hubby is a very practical, down to earth aquarian! Fascinating stuff.

  3. And I always thought it was Pisceans pulling in opposite directions... shows how much I know!

  4. Ha! I'm so bad at deciding things and changing my mind suddenly!
    The worse for me is definitely trying to decide what chocolate to buy - I can stand there for ages trying to pick what I fancy , I swear it was never that difficult to decide when I was younger!!

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