Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Cooking the same old fare week after week gets a bit boring, so I've decided to go back.

Way back. And introduce the kids to some trashy gems of my childhood.

Growing up, it was Caribbean food mixed with the fish fingers with mash, sausage with mash, and mash with mash for when friends came for tea.

But there are some foods that take me back my youth in a blink of an eye. And Angel Delight is one of them. Ditto Artic Roll.

Let's not think about their nutritional value (zilch) and more the sheer fun. Chocolately badness whipped up in an instant - yes please. Ice cream in a sponge cake - woo!

It also adds some interest into the hell that is period post-school to bedtime. 'Hey kids, check this out.' stops the 'But, mum he called me poo head' arguments in an instant.

There are some retro 'classics' that I won't be introducing to the kids.

The Boy told me he loved eating Smash as a kid (bleurgh) and I vaguely remember he went through a Pop Tart phase when we first met (cardboard with molten lava style jam inside).

Best leave those two behind.

Which foods have you introduced to your kids which are good yet oh-so-bad?


  1. She's not even 11 months old and a sucker for pizza. Plus, I have calmed her down with chocolate on our flight back from holidays. I was so afraid she wouldn't swallow enough and get really bad earaches whilst landing. As a result she goes 'mmmhmmmmmm' every time she spots chocolate. Not good...

  2. I have made them mad about apple crumble (hey contains fruit!!) also they are nuts about roast potatoes.

  3. Oh my! Arctic Roll and Angel Delight are truly reminiscent of my childhood! Of course, that was only... umm... ten years ago. Yes, that's its. Ten years ago. Yes.