Friday, 5 March 2010

The one where I do as I do, not as I say.

I've only been blogging for a few weeks, but I jumped at the chance to get involved in Guest Post Day, a gem of an idea from Erica, the woman behind Little Mummy.

So today, you'll be reading a new shiny post from Laura from Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy?

She's a veteran blogger, but I think you'll agree that we can all relate to the joy that is demanding children.

If you want to find out what I wrote (or rather made) for Laura, head over to her site for some stitching without the bitching.

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When I pick the children up it's always the same.

They come out of school, across the playground, and pile anything they are carrying onto me so that they can go on the school's adventure playground before going back to the car.

I am Sherpa-Woman; ladened with a packed lunch bag, a cardigan, a bag of wellies, a book bag and a cereal box model or two, gloves and scarves.

Yesterday was different though, I didn't even get a "Hello Mummy, please can you hold this?".

On the way to the car the 4 year old whined that he was tired and couldn't possibly walk the last 5 metres.

The 5 year old complained that I was walking too fast. In less than 3 minutes my heart rate went up.

As we got in the car all I heard was ... open the car, where is my bag?, pass me my juice, I'm sitting in that seat, don't touch my packed lunch bag, that's my book.

As I listened my blood boiled.

I turned round and using my best Supernanny firm voice with a hint of 'wild thunder eye' told them that I was going to speak, WITHOUT INTERRUPTION.

I told them that they had to speak to each other and me with more respect. I told them that I'm sure they didn't speak to their teacher or childminder like that.

I turned back, took a deep breath and started the car. I looked in the mirror and could see that the 5 year old was thinking.

5 year old - Mummy, at school I am very polite. I always say please and thank you, so when I see you after school I don't have any manners left.

The 3 year old whose grommets have fallen out leaving him partially deaf simply nodded in agreement.

Me - I want a change in behaviour tomorrow after school tomorrow, OK?

5 year old - Mummy, but you didn't say please.

I think I need Supernanny to give me a good talking to.


  1. Oh how like me you sound. I tolf the boys that running like that was not appropriate behaviour!

  2. love that she doesn't have any manners left after being polite at school all day! not such fun for you though of course!

  3. That five year old is too cunning for your own good!

  4. I'm so glad BG can't talk back to me get, though she has learnt the word No

  5. there's not really a lot you can say to answers like that, is there? i'm not looking forward to my kids getting so smart!

  6. Veteran? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
    It's no wonder your kids won't listen to you, you need to chill out more . . . (runs for cover)

  7. God but she takes after her mother!!! (runs to hide with Tara). Great guest post day - loved the owl too :o)

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