Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Broken Britain


Never mind the nation going to pot, I feel like the everything is falling apart at home.

I don't know if there's some kind of Feng Shui style message going on but things just keep breaking.

Minxy's scooter decided to fail on the way to school, The Peaceful One (who breaks everything anyway) has broken his ride-on car, the side of his bed, the canon on his tank. The list goes on.

Every time I go to get a toy, the batteries have gone, or a crucial part is missing, only last week a gorgeous puzzle was spoiled by the fact one of the pieces broke.

On an domestic level, light bulbs pop at the most inconvenient moment, The Boy recently fixed the dishwasher, the tumble drier is about to go to dump, we've just replaced the toaster and kettle and the computer has been on the blink. Argh!

There's an endless mend list, but at least I'm grateful that as a family we're all in working order.


  1. Oh, the poor scooter! My little man has the exact same one in blue (of course!). I'm laughing at this because I currently have a 'things to be fixed' tray, sitting on the kitchen counter. It just gets added to. Nothing ever gets fixed :(

  2. I don't think a family would be normal if things didn't break all the time!! Ours is such a clumsy household I think there's something wrong if something doesn't get broken, eaten or lost within 24 hours.

    CJ xx