Sunday, 14 February 2010

You've got the love

There was no breakfast in bed in our house today. Mainly because we had run out of eggs. And there were no cards. Well, not until Minxy quickly made some for everyone.

I'm not cynical about St.Valentines Day, I just didn't get the chance to buy anything. And neither did The Boy. It was a simple case of love rich, time poor. But as we looked at each other bleary-eyed at 6.30am, facing another hectic day ahead, we knew we didn't need hearts and romance. We needed dutch courage!

There's nothing like a trip to the Science Museum in half term to set your nerves jangling. Not that I actually went mind, The Boy took the older ones. And I'm sure I noticed just a few extra grey hairs upon his return.

My own hair could be turning grey by the end of the week (not that I'll really notice as it's buried deep in extensions). Half term is a beast which is a stranger to me. But I've heard of women needing to book a holiday afterwards just to recover.

I've generally worked across the holidays, but now I'm about to really have my work cut out as I become an all singing, all dancing, entertainment machine.

There will be art classes, cinema, lunches with friends and er, that's it. Oh crikey, that only takes me to Wednesday.

I'm hoping I can survive with my sanity intact.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Welcome to the world of being a half-term mum!!! :-)
    They are a real killer, as is all the holidays but you get used to it! The trick is plenty of planning ahead and booking up friends to come around before anyone else does! :-)

    Cool blog btw! :-)