Wednesday, 24 February 2010

When bad clothes happen to good people

I'm still working out how I went from trench coat to tracksuit bottoms in a blink of an eye.

Frankly, it's a travesty.

I used to wear real clothes, you know skirts, dresses and accessories. Now I grab what's clean and what fits. A fact which is hard to come to terms with.

Being off work means a nice wardrobe seems like a long distant memory. I can't wear maternity clothes as they're baggy and saggy, and I can't wear normal clothes because I'm baggy and saggy. What's a girl to do?

The weather doesn't help matters. Wind, rain, sleet, how do you dress for this climate without looking like you're about to go trekking?

I swore I would never be one of those mums who wore a anorak on the school run (just like my kids would never have snotty noses, yeah right), and now I'm exactly that. Help! Call the fashion police.

What am I supposed to wear anyway? I'm not ready to wear head-to-toe Boden. I feel like I need to own a Volvo XC90 to qualify for that one, but I'd scare women and small children (that's everyone then) if I rocked up at the school gates in jeggings.

At least I can wear trackie bums and nobody gives a fig, imagine being a mum at the school Elle Macpherson's children go to - what a pressure.


  1. oh real clothes, i remember those. Ones worn not for practicality and easy wipe down ability!

  2. ha ha! I know exactly what you are saying as I sit here in my baggy jeans and t shirt. I recently returned to work and it was a revelation putting on a pair of tights and cute little dress (my old uniform). Problem is, it appears baggy boyfriend jeans are in vogue in my office. Do I dare wear my mum clothes to work? Nah!

  3. I am so on the same page! I had to go up to the office this week for a meeting and I seriously struggled to put on some media-friendly clothing! I ended up wearing my maternity leggings and having to hitch them up after every fifth step! I love love love my boyfriend jeans but can't wait not to have to wear a top with easy access to my boobs.

    And how bad is it when you take off your top and realise you've been innocently walking round in public with baby sick down your back?!