Friday, 19 February 2010

Sweet success

I survived half term, and to be honest it wasn't too bad.

Today was really nice, no tantrums, no rushing, and nothing really planned.

Highlights included the appearance of uncle Tom who entertained the children and making homemade lemonade.

Food is a big deal in our house. What are we eating when? And where are we eating it? What are we having for tea at so and so's house? Plus, with constant cries of 'I'm hungry' and 'I'm still hungry' it means keeping the cupboards well stocked on a regular basis.

So I was interested to read that MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace said the weekly shop was marking the 'death knell of decent cooking.'

He said: "How does anybody on a Saturday morning know what they want for dinner on a Thursday evening?"

Um, because they meal plan is the answer. Now, I'm not quite on the path of 'Monday night means sausage and mash' but you've got to have some idea of what you are making across the week otherwise you're doomed.

Online shopping is my saviour (along with a couple of trips to the actual shops), and although it might lack imagination you can still pick up some little gems, like this beautifully packaged sugar from Barbados.

My parents are Bajan, and I've been on numerous occasions (pre kids) so any chance I get to support the country I'm there. And one day the children will get to visit. Until then, I can only give them a taste of this small but stunning island.

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  1. I am rubbish at meal planning. i just chuck a load of stuff in my trolley once a week and hope for the best. Not always the best plan but i'm just no good at all that planning stuff.