Monday, 15 February 2010

Ha-pee holidays

I never intended it for it to happen. And it's not something
I'm proud of, but when nature calls what are you supposed to do?

I was feeding the baby. In the car. Like you do. When I heard the phrase which is often uttered when you're in the most awkward of places. The Peaceful One said: 'I need a wee.'

Minxy was in an art class that was being held in a church which had been converted into an arts centre. So, I took him to find a loo inside. That was the intention anyway, but when you gotta go, you gotta go. So up the side of the church he went. God's house literally peed upon. Oh dear. I did say to aim for the plants.

Anyway, after two hours of arting about, what did Minxy make? A shield out of cardboard. Man alive, we could've made that at home for a fraction of the cost. But she was happy and I'm guessing happiness costs.

One thing I have discovered is half term isn't cheap. Nevermind jetting off for a week in the sun, or hitting the slopes, the day-to-day costs can certainly rack up. I'm sure I could manage with a cool £56million lottery win.

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