Saturday, 27 February 2010

Run for your life

Woke up and thought ' that's it, I'm doing it.'

So I did.

It was 7am and I put on my running gear and dusted down my trainers.

Right, time to stretch out. My body creaked. My mind said: 'Come on girl, you can do it.'

Ok, touch my toes now I can finally see them again. Ooh, they're further than I thought. My back clicked and my hamstrings felt tight.

I waved to the kids who were chuckling at the window, and off I went.

Put one foot in front of the other. That's it, easy does it. Pace yourself or you'll get stitch. I can feel everything wobbling. Eugh. My legs felt like concrete. Maybe if I speed up I won't notice it. Oh no, I'm out of breath. Argh! I'm getting stitch. Focus. FOCUS.

The last time I ran was April last year, but that seemed like ages ago. I've always enjoyed exercise, but finding time has been my enemy. I've decided I'll just have to squeeze it in the weekend.

The good thing about running at the crack of dawn is nobody can see you puffing and plodding up the road. You also get the chance to clear your mind.

Three miles later, I arrive back home.

A heap, but a happy one.


  1. three miles? Flipin heck! that's brilliant!

  2. Wow! I personally hate running, but I am about ready to start tackling some other form of exercise. Some friends are dragging me to Boxercise tomorrow night. I am anticipating a whole new world of pain!

  3. well now i might just bump into you.... but 3 miles woooooo thats pushing it...


  4. Oh good I have not really been running since my accident 2006 but walked cycled and palliates...
    But now girl after Leah I have some unwanted fat that I can except it has to go!!! So I will be running I wanted to before but the swollen breast hurt to much they where like big weights...
    Hey do you think that is the best way to get rid of the belly fat????? ;-)