Sunday, 21 February 2010

Three in the bed and the mum and dad said...

Cripes, we need a bigger bed.

With all the shenanigans that go on at night, a supersized bed which comfortably houses everyone might just be the answer.

Then again, as lovely as it is to have a child snuggling up to you in the wee small hours, the reality is somewhat different.

The Boy and I have slept many a time in the shape of the letter 'h', with us balancing on the on the sides of the bed, whilst one of the children sleeps horizontally in the middle. I knew all those years of doing yoga would come in handy for something.

Sleep is something that has alluded us for so many years, I've forgotten what getting a good night is like. I dream about sleeping. Musical beds is one of our favourite games. Who knows whose bed everyone will be in by the morning? What fun.

Obviously as parents, we're not alone. I mean, come on, if somebody told you that by starting a family you'd be giving up lie-ins for about 10 years, nobody would have children.

A recent survey carried out by Newsround showed that over half of the 1000 chidren who took part in the research said they weren't getting enough sleep.

We've only really cracked it with The Peaceful One and even he has his moments (usually when you've got home late from a rare night out). It's early days for The Goddess, but Minxy might as well be called The One Who Never Sleeps, such is her apparent dislike of the activity. Even the professionals haven't managed to solve our sleep problems, so I bumble through life with gritty eyes and a foggy mind, and just keep reminding myself that this is 'just a phase'. A very long phase.

Sleep tight.


  1. I can relate to this one this morning! I was up at 5am with The Toddler. My first commute on a proper train after moving out of London, my eyes are bleary, my head is thumping, there is not enough tea in china to keep me going. Love this post, made me laugh.

  2. We have an enormous bed, and it still isn't big enough when my daughter gets in it! how can one little person take up so much room?

  3. Where did the saying "sleeping like a baby' come from? It's more like "pretending to sleep while kicking you, pushing you out with all their tiny might, whimpering directly in your lug hole whilst spinning around like a baby" Sorry, but just had a couple of nights with my little one on the holiday apt sofa bed.
    Great blog Sharon, keep it up.