Tuesday, 16 February 2010

It's raining, it's pouring.

There's nothing like constant rain to ahem, dampen your plans. As The Boy dashed off to work leaving me contemplating a very long day, I realised how teachers felt when it's wet play. Quick, start improvising some fun!

To be fair, Minxy was off to see The Princess And The Frog, so I was only really dealing with The Peaceful One. Sadly there was no time to discuss the merits of the Disney's first black princess, as I hurried her out of the door to go with a friend.

You're left with little options on a day like today. Either stay in and slowly go mad, or do a myriad of activities which take 10 minutes to set up and five seconds to get bored with. Or go out with the view that you're going to get cold and wet. So we opted for the latter.

And so did everybody else, as the play centre we regularly go to was packed to the rafters with an hour long wait for the next session. Drats! We ended up at another soft play place instead.

Whoever came up with the phrase 'soft play' must have been a joker. There was nothing 'soft' about the play I witnessed. I watched my son repeatedly punch one of the garish padded figures, and launch plastic balls at full pelt in my direction. Perhaps it's his reaction to his new status as the middle child. Still, better out than in as they say.

We celebrated Shrove Tuesday with a dear friend of ours. There's nothing like a tasty pancake to make you generally feel better about life. It really is the little things.

Managed to claw back an evening, which was spent watching The Brits. Verdict - Peter Kay. Not funny. Loved Lady Gaga's bonkers outfit, wearing a bright orange wig wasn't really going to stop the camera's from spotting Lily Allen and what the dickens was going on with Mel B's hair? And I didn't envy Cheryl Cole having to 'perform', whilst the tabloids speculated about her marriage. Never has 'Fight For This Love' had such meaning.

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