Sunday, 5 June 2011

Happy half term

Well that was quite a week.

Half term can either be a welcome break from the too-ing and fro-ing of school runs and work and generally being a hamster on a wheel, or it can set your nerves jangling.

What if you haven't got enough planned?

What if you have too much planned?

What if it rains all week?

I've learned that you can't live by the 'what if?' rule of thumb if children are around. You just have to go with the flow a bit.

Anyway, I can honestly say we had a cracking holiday filled with good old fashioned lolling about, picnics in parks, mixed with a bit of culture.

Highlights included:

Going to the rather marvellous V&A museum where they have a fantastic programme for children. And it doesn't have to cost the Earth.

With activities ranging from free to £3, there's enough to suit all of those on a tight budget.

We made mini portraits, which meant the children, aided with the help of V&A Photographer in Residence, Bttina von Zwehl made their own lockets. They dressed up in period clothes and then took their own portraits on the digital camera.

After the workshop, we took a stroll around the rest of the museum, trying on theatre costumes, gazing at all the beautiful artefacts on show with the highlight being a replica of Kylie Minogue's dressing room.

A diet of art, sandwiches and ice lollies made for a surprisingly stress-free adventure into town.

Later in the week we kept up the culture with a trip to Hampton Court.

The lovely people at Fairy sent us there for a fun day.

And what fun we had.

Junior Saunders hosted the day and his chirpy style of presented kept the troops well and truly happy.

Face painting and balloon modelling were done by the rather marvellous Bubble Pops - who have entertained the great and the good and are just crying out for their own TV show.

Then it was down to the competitions. The children did an egg and spoon race. The Peaceful One won and Minxy came third.

After the festivities, it was off to have a look around ol' Henry VIII's palace and gardens.

Having grown up in the area I've been tons of times, but it still never stops being amazing.

Fairy are encouraging little legs to get moving and if you click over onto their Facebook page - there are tons of activites for you and your chiddlers to enjoy. And you can rest assured that the grass stains obtained from all that running about will come out easily with Fairy! Go check it out.

Finally, we topped off the week with a spot of strawberry picking. Or should that be strawberry eating, as we munched our way (and filled up a couple of punnets) around Garsons Farm.

There's nothing more satisfying that picking fruit. In the sunshine.

Ok, so The Goddess was a wee bit fiddly, gobbling mud as well as strawberries, but all in all, it was the perfect end to a perfect week.

Never thought I'd hear myself say that.

Motherhood really is full of surprises.


  1. Your half term makes mine look utterly crap. Our highlights were: went to the supermarket; made cakes; lost a tooth; read some books; watched telly; went to the park; did all the jigsaws.'s it.

  2. Joanna, it is so rare that we're this full on! Yours sounds like what ours normally is, and that is just a blissful.

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