Monday, 11 October 2010

Running for my life

Should I or shouldn't I?

What if I don't make it round?

What if I need the loo?

What if I twist my ankle and have to hobble to the finish line?

These were just some of the thoughts that were going through my head as I'm contemplated whether I should take part in the local 10k run that was for Cancer Research.

Clearly it was a no-brainer, but since I had slacked off the training during the summer holidays, the distance suddenly became a big deal.

The last run I had done was a week earlier and even then I was a struggling to motivate myself.

My legs were moving but I had chocolate on the brain.

It's not fun running on your tod, in the evening. Fact.

Anyway, the long and the short of it was that I did the race. Well, it was for charidee mate.

It was rainy, muddy, windy and cold - but I got myself together and one step at a time I ran for my life and made it round that wretched course (it was actually a lovely scenic course but not in those conditions).

It took little over an hour.

And I didn't walk.

And I felt amazing afterwards.

All the money goes to Cancer Research and I felt so marvellous that I got through it alive and well, I promptly signed up to The Moon Walk, which is wear you walk through the streets of London in your bra. At night.

Sounds highly dodgy, but don't worry it's in the name of breast cancer and as I'm doing it with a group of pals we should be laughing our way through it.

Who knew fundraising could be so much fun?

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