Thursday, 8 April 2010

Baby love

The Goddess is just over three months now and is a total doll.

She's rolling over, trying to sit up (yes, straining to sit upright out of her bouncer chair) and she's now in the next age range of clothes.

I am absolutely gutted.

She's definitely the final chapter of our family, and when I was pregnant I kept saying to people that although I was really excited about another child, I equally couldn't wait to shift all the gear that comes with a new arrival.

I kept thinking, one day there will be no more plastic toys, no more battery operated items, no more baby gyms, no more high chairs, buggies, cots, the list went on.

So why as I put on her new clothes aged 3-6 months was I lamenting the fact that she was growing so fast?

In a weird way I was sad. Nobody will ever be 0-3 months in this household. She barely even wore some of the items. Obviously I'll be keeping the good stuff for memories, but I didn't expect to feel like this.

Sometimes in the thick of motherhood you forget that it can whizz by in a whirly fog of sleepless nights and grunt work.

I'm treasuring The Goddess because she is the last, but I can certainly see how other women go on to have more and more children almost in an attempt to keep recapturing that lovely, warm glow that is a newborn.

It's like you want to bottle that moment in time, but it's so fleeting, that you need to do it again.

There are no plans for a fourth child. We're spent. In every way. I'm from one of six siblings and as much as I love coming from a big family (and admire and respect my parents), I want to enjoy the children I have.

But do you ever really stop feeling broody?


  1. It's gutting when you get to that stage. Our "baby" Is almost 3, I still get broody, when I see my Nephew who's 1, my Niece who's 3 months, I can's help thinking, I'll never have that again. It's sad. But you're right, you need to be able to enjoy the kids you have. I've also got 3, all boys. And everyone asks if I'll go back for a girl, but I'm happy with my boys, I miss the baby stage, well every stage (except terrible twos!) But it's a joy to watch them growing up and changing everyday. If I had any more I'd miss out on the other three.

  2. I pretty much sold the outgrown baby clothes still warm off her back when Miss Ten was a newborn. I still think it's prudent to have baby number three first, it's so much easier, and you're way more chilled.

  3. I have three children too. Eldest is 11, middle one is 6, and the youngest is 3 and will be starting school in September. I thought I couldn't wait for the opportunity to start clawing my life back (and I can't) but I also find myself feeling a bit bereft. It will be the first time in 12 years that I will not have had a little one at home - and besides - she just seems too small. Suddenly I don't want her to go.

  4. Ahhhh, I know what you mean. I was heard to say 'no more!' after little L arrived, but here I am with this HUGE pile of clothes, thinking that maybe, only maybe there is a teeny tiny slight chance for another little baby to be happy in them in a while... :)
    Oh, and yes! We will have to meet up in real life, once we have moved South.

  5. My Little Scarlett has exactly the same shoes. She's 6 months old and we're still squeezing her feet in. We'll be heartbroken when she can't fit into them. (plus it will mean i will have to go trainer shopping for cooler shoes than my own).

  6. I have one child aged 3 and a half and no i cannot say that i have ever felt broody since having her. i miss too much of my old life to ever want or have another child. i love my daughter and can still relatively have the odd night out. I'm constantly asked whether i'll add to my family and when i say "no" i'm looked at like some kind of freak. One is plenty and i don't feel guilty admitting it.