Thursday, 22 April 2010

After the party

I'm currently reading Lisa Jewell's latest book After the Party, which is about how a couple's love for each other hits the skids once the kids come along.

Bottles of Bollinger are replaced by bottles of milk, it's more smarties than parties, that type of thing.

As nights out are such a rare occurance, it made me think about what I really missed about my pre-kid life.

Wandering around the shops today, I realised that in my former life this would have been something to relish.

Instead, I do most of my shopping online and when I do hit the real shops, it's a bit of let down as I'm always in a rush. I can scan the clothing rails in a shop at an alarming rate.

Going out was always a big deal, I was hardly ever at home before I had children. Now I'm grateful just to go to local pub, let alone Soho. And when I do venture into town, the logistics are such that I'm exhausted before I've even got on the tube.

Travelling was high on the agenda too, road trips across America, houseboats in India, partying in Thailand.

Now the thought of going to those places fills me with dread. And flying with three under six is just a no no on so many levels for me at the moment. I like to keep all the tantrums contained in the car, but once they're all of an age where it gets a little easier we'll definitely fly again.

But it's not all bad, life is definitely more enriched and the things I put great importance on well, aren't important anymore. But wouldn't it be nice at times to transport yourself back to the glory days

What do you miss most about your life before children?


  1. I miss all of those things too! Although we are braving it and flying with the twins in a few weeks' time. I figure we have a tiny window before they're toddling to do it in, so we've taken the plunge.

    I miss lazy Sunday mornings. Breakfast in bed and the Sunday papers seem like a distant memory...

  2. Travelling! Lie-ins. Champagne breakfast in bed. Travelling. *sighs*

  3. I'm with you. When I escape I am too knackered to do much but can scan shop rails like a laser to find what I want and fit loads in to precious spare time. I have travelled for 32 hours with 2 kids while pregnant with third and it was hell! I miss having more money, more me time and being able to sleep in past 7am on the weekends. I miss how my boobs were too. After breastfeeding 3 kids they're like old socks. Hahaha I wouldn't swap my 3 beautiful girls for anything though. :o)

  4. Hope you are enjoying the book. It made me reflect on my life a bit too and the things you miss made me smile.

    I wouldn't change having kids for the world but there are some things that I definitely miss.

    Being able to do things spontaneously such as calling up friends for post work drinks/food, booking a weekend break that kind of thing.

    Lie-ins, reading the papers, boozy Sunday afternoons in pub gardens.

    In exchange I have more laughter and love in my life than I could have ever imagined and 2 fabulous little people who make everything worthwhile. x

  5. I was so young when I had J so I can hardly remember the times without her! As I had not long left my teens when she was born, I was done with the partying , as I was pretty wild then! :-) So I have been a mum most of my adult days,I missed out on going to Uni and all that but have found ways along the years to still have a good time! Have also done most of the traveling since having kids, Thailand when M was 2 1/2 years and India when she was 3 1/2 and we also traveled a lot when J was little! Having been a young mum now means that I can enjoy having a good & young relationship with J who is now 17 and I'm not even 40 yet!!! :-)

  6. I miss these things too but as I only have one child I've been lucky enough to be able to keep on travelling, although slightly trickier now she's at school!!!!

    The things I miss most are having proper sleep and being able to read in peace! Wouldn't trade it for the world though!!!!